Improve your health,
happiness and quality of life


Zhong Yuan Qigong is a step by step meditation and longevity
practice. It is suitable for all ages and helps people to relax,
become immune to stress and achieve inner balance.

Level 1 - Relaxation 

Learn how to deeply relax, improve your health
and build up your energy using visualisation
techniques and physical movements.

Level 2 - Quietness

Calm down your mind and increase your
level of happiness. No difficult postures.
Just relax and learn to feel yourself.

Level 3 - Pause

Master how to stop your thoughts
completely to enter into a peaceful
state and develop your inner abilities.

Get started with our most popular exercises



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  • First Exercise

    In this exercise we develop our ability to learn directly in the most effective way.

  • Second Exercise

    In this exercise we strengthen our sensitivity to perceive more information through our palms.

  • Third Exercise

    This exercise helps to improve neck and spine condition, blood circulation and sensitivity.

  • Fourth Exercise

    This exercise helps to heal the lumbar region, strengthen kidneys and develop sensitivity.

  • The Big Tree 1

    Practice this exercise to increase the amount of energy and for rapid healing of the body.

  • Refine Qi

    By doing this practice we improve our energy needed for improving the quality of our life.

  • The Microcosmic Orbit

    Deliver energy throughout the body, improve your health and heal the body.

  • Fifth Exercise

    Balance upper and lower parts of the body and learn to be in harmony with the outside world.

  • Sixth Exercise

    This exercise balances the negative (Yin) and positive (Yang) energy.

  • The Big Tree 2

    Increase psychological stability and become calmer and more confident. 

  • Body Breath

    Increase the ability of the skin to breathe and achieve a deep relaxation of the body.

  • Self Healing

    An effective technique of diagnosis and healing of the body with movements.

  • Chan Zuo. Yang Shen

    This exercise gives us strength, quiet joy, confidence and allows us to finish what we have started.

  • Unify Jing and Qi

    Remove swelling and fatigue in legs and improve the function of kidneys and heart.

  • Seventh Exercise

    Calm down your Heart and Mind, and enter into a state of inner silence.

  • Eighth Exercise

    Absorb the aromas of flowers and each new fragrance cleanses and changes the energy in your body.

  • The Big Tree 3

    Develops your upper Dantian that's connected to wisdom, compassion and your abilities.

  • Bigu Shiqi

    Decrease the feeling of hunger and get a fresher and more rejuvenated skin.

  • Opening the 3rd Eye

    You will learn how to get answers to many questions in your life yourself.

  • Visualise Upper Dantian

    Increase your wisdom and the ability to give everyone a good advice.

  • Unify Jing, Qi and Shen

    Better understand each of our parts: the physical body, energy and spirit.

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